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Post  Trance on Sat Jun 27, 2009 3:22 pm

Counter Strike 1.6 Tournament

Register rules :
1- Every team should have 5 players .
2- it's not allowed to register in more than one team .
3- every player must use his STEAM ID and X-Ray duration of the tournament .
4- in the absence of the two teams without prior notice, both teams will be dropped from the tournament.
5- you should have ping less than 100ms .
6- if someone using hacks , the team will be looser , and the player will be banned .

Note : What's X-ray ?
X-Ray Download Link
Players who won't open xray will be kicked out, i'll check xray if you are online or not .
System of tournament play CAL [Cyberathlete Amateur League] .

Tournament Type: Double Elimination (one losse and you are out!)
Competition Method: 5 vs 5 (7 players max – 20 max participants)
Tournament Schedule: 04/07/2009 – 07/07/2009
Check in: Team Captains must check in 15 minutes prior to start of their round.
Tournament Start: Check Tournament Schedule Below. (A Map takes about 45 minutes and there will be breaks in between maps.)
Map Times: Will be posted as soon as possible (usually 15-30 minutes prior to the scheduled time).
Rules/Info: DU.Games staff reserve the right to change any of the rules, times, or information pertaining to this tournament. So check back often.

* Teams and Participants:
o Players/Teams are required to sign up for the tournament to participate.

o Sign up will begin on this THREAD 27/06/2009 and will end on 30/06/2009 10:00pm. If the player/team is not signed up during this time, they will not be allowed to compete.

o See above for the tournament schedule and required check in times.

o Tournament registration is limited to 20 Teams, and 5 players must be registered under the same team to confirm one of the 20 team tournament spots. Only complete teams of 5 players may sign up to enter tournaments.

o One player per team must be designated as Team Captain and the Team Captain will be the player that Du.Games Tournament Staff will provide with information and the Team Captain is responsible for passing the information to the rest of his/her team.

o All teams will need an appropriate name when they sign up and each player needs to add that name to their in game name to help with disputes and tracking with the server logs.

o Do not join the server until you have received authorization from the tournament official.

o Players/Teams must be ready 10 minutes prior to the start of their round. Any player/team that is not ready within 10 minutes after the start of the round, they will forfeit the matche in that round and the team that is ready will get 1 match wins. If they are not ready within 10 minutes of the round start time they will forfeit that round.

o Team Captains must report to DU.Games Tournament Staff 15 minutes prior to the start of their round to get their update tournament information and check in.

* Tournament Rounds:

o One half of a map tournament consists of 15 rounds. So 30 rounds may be played.

o One match (30 rounds max) is when both teams have had a chance to play as Terrorists for 15
rounds and as Counter-Terrorists for 15 rounds.

o The match will be played on the same map selected (see map selection).

* Match Format:

o Each round is 1 minute and 45 seconds long.

o The match will be played on the map selected (see map selection).

* Match Winner:

o If the team is playing as Terrorists:
+ The team kills all opposing players.
+ The team plants the bomb and it explodes.

o If the team is playing as Counter-Terrorists:
+ The team kills all opposing players.
+ The team defuse the planted bomb.

* Tie Breaker:

o In the event of a tie (each team has won 15 rounds) the following will occur:
+ A tie-breaker set of 6 rounds will each team will play 3 rounds as Terrorists and 3 rounds as Counter-Terrorists.
+ A team shall win the tie-breaker, hence the match, if they win 4 rounds.
+ If there is still a tie (both win 3 rounds) then the teams will play another tie-break set of 6 rounds.
+ Sets of 6 rounds will continue until a winner is decided.

* Round Win:

o A team wins a minimum of 16 rounds.

o The opposing team surrenders.

* Submitting Results:

o All results must be recorded by a screenshot at the end of each match. (The results screenshot at the end of each match is sufficient).

o Both sides are required to submit results.

o Results are to be submitted by team captains to the DU.Games Tournament Staff.

* Map Selection:

o Team A and B will play a knife round and the winner team will decide which map will be played.

o Team Captain will decide which map from the selection below.

o This map is played for all rounds in the match.

* Maps:
+ De_Dust2
+ De_Inferno
+ De_Nuke
+ De_Train

* Side Selection:
o Team Captain of knife round winner will determine their side (either Terrorist or Counter Terrorist) and team A will be the other. Sides will switch after 15 rounds.

* Misc Rules/Restrictions:
o General Game Restrictions:
+ Default model and weapon skins must be used
+ Players may not make use of personal map textures
+ Boosting (stepping on top of own team player) is allowed in play
+ Players may not Bunny Hop.
+ Players are not allowed to move silently by pressing the Duck key repeatedly. A player found using this method may be given a warning or lose by default at the umpire’s sole discretion. (Please Note: This is different from moving while the Duck key is pressed down.)
+ Teams playing Terrorists must plant the bomb in a viewable location. Placing the bomb at a location where a boost is required is allowed.
+ Silent placing of a bomb is considered unfair and is not allowed. Such an offence may result in a warning or loss of all remaining rounds at the sole discretion of the Alaska Meltdown Staff.
+ Players may throw grenades over buildings in all maps
+ Any use of the flash bang bug will result in a warning at the minimum or loss by default for the offending team.
+ Any other use of map or program bugs can result in a warning at the minimum or loss by default for the offending team after deliberation and decision by DU.Games Tournament Staff.

o Weapon Restrictions - Each player may make use of no more than the following number of weapons per round:
+ 2 Flash bangs
+ 1 Grenade
+ 1 Smoke Grenade

o In-game Communication Restrictions:
+ Only Team captains are allowed to use public in-game messages (messagemode1) within a match. The rule also applies when dead. Use of messagemode1 by any team player other than the Team captain shall result in a warning. Other team players must only use team message (messagemode2), while in a match.
+ Team players may communicate verbally only if they are alive in the match or when all team members are dead.
+ Any player who has died cannot communicate by any means with any other team member until the beginning of the next round.
+ A player is deemed dead when the screen is completely faded to black. If a bug occurs and the screen doesn’t fade to black, the player is deemed dead three seconds after he/she has fallen.
+ If a player continues to communicate after he/she is killed, the team may be given a warning or lose by default at the Alaska Meltdown Tournament Staff’s sole discretion.

o Approved In-game Commands - The following in-game commands may be used by players:
+ Adjust_crosshair
+ Left Hand
+ A user can use Activate In-Game-VGUI Command

o Disconnects and Resumes - The disconnection of a player will have the following effect during a game:
+ If the disconnect occurs before the 3rd round starts, the match must be restarted
+ If the disconnect occurs after the 3rd round starts, then the disconnected player must re-connect to the server. The round is continued un-paused, and if the disconnected player cannot connect to the server, all players must wait during the freeze time after the round until the disconnected player connects to the server. At this time, the match may continue un-paused.
+ If up to 3 of all players are unintentionally disconnected: The score for that round is discarded. The game is paused after the round during the freeze time, and all players wait until the disconnected players are connected to the server. When all players are connected, the match may continue by un-pausing the game.
+ In the case of intentional disconnection, the umpire may decide to end the match with the offending team losing by forfeit

o Forfeits – A team shall forfeit the match under one of the following conditions:
+ The team surrenders during the match.
+ A team does not arrive within 10 minutes of the posted round time.
+ Any other situation deemed "forfeitable" by Tournament Staff.

o Third Party Programs:
+ Third Party Programs and Devices that allow players to execute multiple instructions with one action are not allowed. Devices with these features may be used without making use of these features, e.g. G15 keyboards. These features provide players with an unfair advantage since they bypass the effects of Online gaming, such as latency, and human reaction time.
+ No Third Party Programs may be used to modify the Game in any way. Keys may be remapped using a Third Party Program. Any other Third Party Programs are illegal.
+ Tournament Staff reserve the right to deem any third party program as an unfair advantage and any player caught using one may cause the team to forfeit the round. If there are any questions on any of your settings/programs please see the Tournament Staff.

o DU.Games Staff have final say in all decisions (i.e. forfeit, winner, etc.)

o DU.Games Staff reserve the right to change these rules or tournament settings at anytime. Check back often.

o See General Tournament Rules for more information.

* Client Settings:
o cl_updaterate 101
o cl_cmdrate 101
o rate 25000
o m_filter 1/0
o hud_fastswitch 1/0
o zoom_sensitivity_ratio
o fps_max 101
o cl_dynamiccrosshair 1/0
o gamma 1/3
o brightness 1/3
o cl_minmodels 1/0
o cl_shadows 1/0

o The following settings must be left on default values:
+ cl_weather
+ mp_corpse_stay
+ mp_decals
+ max_shells
+ max_smokepuffs
+ fastsprites
+ ex_interp 0.01

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Tournament Rules Empty Re: Tournament Rules

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