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Post  Neefy on Fri Jul 31, 2009 6:57 pm

Rise And Shine, A Nice Friday Morning. Time To Relax And Get My Hands Dirty Playing Counter-strike 1.6 (Du Public Server). Joins The Server. Plays Novice. Wallbangs Few Of the Opponents. Well If The Admin Took It As Wallhacking Then What Can Anyone Do? Yes, I Understand Your The Head Of The Server But Where Is The Respect And Justice Shown/Served To The People Who Aren't Really Hacking? Do You Have A Say For It? Even Though Keeping Your Past Gaming Experiences Behind. Now I Would'nt Want To Tell You My History Of Playing, Infact It Wont Matter To You At All! With All Due Respect I Would Like You To Share Few Things With You: Firstly I Have A Bad Time Getting Online. Secondly I Rarely Get To Play This Game. And Thirdly Stating, How I Would I Feel If I Got Banned For Hacking Which Was "False". And Yes Mister Trance Has Stated In His Thread "if you were hacking please don't post requesting to get unbanned , because you will not be unbanned". I Dont Want To Say "I Hacked/Did Not Hack", Wont Matter To You At All.(But I Really Did Not Hack Neutral) You Are The Admin Therefore You Should Judge Me. If Having Administrators As Friend's Then I Am Not Clearly The Stereotype. So I End Up Here Protesting. The Major Question Which Arise's Here Is "What Would You Do If You Were In My Situation?". Hey Let's Be TruthFul Over Here. If I Dont Get Unbanned (I Really Do Want To) Then Please See To It That In The Future, The Same Case Doesn't Take Place With Other's. Ive Come Here With Respect Towards You. Looking Forward To Your Reply.


1- Where did you get banned ( Which server ) ?? Du Public Server
2- When did you get banned ? Friday July 31 2009
3- who banned you ?? Do[L]Li*
4- what is the ban reason ? Hack
5- what was your name ? and steam id Name: Neefykins Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:21789226

Edit:I Dont Really Remember If He Spectated Me Before Banning. If There Is A Way I Can Prove To You That I Wasn't Hacking. I Would Definitely Want To Know How!


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