Any Admin Please Look-Up On This Ban :)

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Any Admin Please Look-Up On This Ban :)

Post  ShA5Ee6^ on Tue Jul 21, 2009 4:06 pm

Banned In [DU] Public Server

I Got Banned On Monday 20th Of July
Admin $tR!k3R Banned Me

The Ban Reason Was I Hack ,, But i Didnt Hack And I Never Hack ,, I Just Got 3 HeadShots In A Row And Probably It Was A Fluke And I Am Not Lieing Cus I Know Hack Is Not Fun ,, N I Have Kaspersky 2010 And it Doesnt Allow Any Hacks ,, Cus It Usually Have Virus..

My Name Was ^ShA5Ee6_ <3 And My Steam Id Is STEAM_0:0:24963857
I Really Miss Du Public Server Cus I Know It Is The Best Server

~ Hope Trance You Look-Up On This one Smile ~



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