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Suggestions for DU Public Empty Suggestions for DU Public

Post  Seven on Sat Aug 01, 2009 1:52 pm

I have just a few suggestions to improve DU Public server. Now this is based on my experience playing in the UK and noticing that some servers were nearly always full and others were almost always empty.

1) Leave alltalk off: This allows people on the same team to make plans/give info without needing to worry that the other side knows what they are doing.

2) Have a fixed map rotation: The problem with having votemaps occur at the end of the round is that a) only the same few maps are played over and over again and b) sometimes the votemap offers the same map in two or three vote options meaning that the actual choice is reduced. By introducing a fixed map rotation, it is possible to offer more variety on the server by being able to include fun-maps and other maps that are not part of the usual 'tournament cycle'. Examples of fun maps include things like scoutknives, awp_city, scout_city, awp_india etc. Other maps that are fun but not usually played include things like de_corruption, de_prodigy, de_aztec, cs_italy, cs_seige etc.

3) Map times suited to the map: It will be best if fun maps are kept to a maximum time of 15 minutes while normal maps are kept to a time of a maximum of 20 minutes. This means that a person who joins and only has an hour or two will be able to play a few different maps over that time. Another benefit of this is when team stacking occurs and all the good players end up on the easy team, the losing team doesn't feel that they have anoher half an hour of being destroyed but that the map will end and the teams will change soon.

4) Start money under 2000: The best servers that I used to play on had a start money of either 800 or 900 making the first few rounds interesting as well as meaning that players had to work up to having awps available to them. The better the player was, the more chance he had of being able to buy every time he needed to while the other players would have to work as a team in order to get ahead. Right now what happens is people will buy anything and everything they can with their 16k start money. Once they die enough times that they can no longer afford weapons they like, they just retry and do the same thing over and over. It also means that from the very first round there's usually 3/4 awps per side in play which changes how dynamic the game is because while a good awper can shut down entire areas of the map, even 2/3 bad ones mean that you don't rush certain sides.

5) Friendly fire = 1. This used to be a standard setting on all the servers that I used to play on. You learnt to aim and learnt when to throw nades because you could end up killing your teammate. Since I've come back here, people complain that ff should be 0. I don't know if that's because the people here are used to playing like noobs or what. Some people say if ff=1 then there will be griefers who just teamkill. That problem can be fixed one of a few different ways. The most basic way is to set teamkill punish on so that they will die at the start of the next round and if they teamkill X number of times they will be autokicked. Another interesting way of doing it is to set the punishment list add-on so that the person who got killed has the option of what happens to their killer, whether it is being killed immediately, being killed at the start of the next round, being slapped to 1hp, being made blind etc. Finally, the best way is by having an admin present who decides if a person is being a griefer and if they are kicking/banning them for a set amount of time, whether it be a few hours, days or permanently. Of course, options 2 and 3 can be worked together for best effect.

6) The addition of HLStatX. This is the best stats program that I have seen. Not only does it rank people on the server like the current plug-in does but there is also the option of going to the website to see detailed stats about each player. Information such as changes in skill/rank are available as well as other information such as number of kills per weapon, and details of hit statistics such as where you tend to hit people, how many times you spawned with the bomb, how many times you planted the bomb etc.

These are just my suggestions based on my previous experience and I leave it up to the server admins to decide if any of these are worth implementing in order to improve the gameplay that occurs on DU Public.

Finally, this is a complaint that only I will probably have because usually I am the only one that ends up in these situations. There are a number of times when I am the last one left alive with little health or against a lot of people and I tend to play to win those rounds. However, I get complaints from admins saying that it is 'only public' and not scrim as if it means that I should play like it's deathmatch and just die as soon as possible. I don't know about anyone else but I enjoy the challenge and thrill of having it either 1v1 when I have red health or even 1v5 when I'm the only one and still managing to come out with a win. I don't see why that's a problem that the admins should complain about. I can understand if I was just camping in some place trying to stay alive until time ran out but I always try and do the objective, it's not my fault if I'm the only one left alive or if I actually am capable of killing all the people left alive to win the round.


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Suggestions for DU Public Empty Re: Suggestions for DU Public

Post  Trance on Sun Aug 02, 2009 5:40 pm

Hii Seven .
Thank you for the suggestion

1- All talk already off , you can hear the other team when you are dead only , but sometimes make alltalk 1.
2- we can't use new fun maps because it's 20 slot server , it will be so crowded , there's new funmaps servers like "" .
3- map time is 20 and it's better .
4- it was 800 , but a lot of people start saying "We want more money !".
5- Friendly fire < it's not a scrim , it's public server with 20 player " Crowded " so most players will TK each others by wrong .
6- I think no need fot HLStatX , AMXMODX ranking is enough .

and ya i said it once " it's not a league" because a lot of players just keep camping !! tell what ! just DIE Smile < sorry for that , if you like challenge and thrill you should play in match server

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Suggestions for DU Public Empty Re: Suggestions for DU Public

Post  yunxiang on Thu Dec 09, 2010 4:07 pm



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Suggestions for DU Public Empty Re: Suggestions for DU Public

Post  baiyun on Tue Dec 14, 2010 5:32 pm

Smile Smile Smile Smile Smile Smile


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Suggestions for DU Public Empty Re: Suggestions for DU Public

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